Information regarding defect Equine LTS units.

Information regarding defect Equine LTS units!

All defect Equine LTS products, has to be returned directly to Equine LTS. 

Before sending it, please follow the steps accordingly:

  1. Take a picture of the Equine LTS product, with the power on and off.
  2. Email the pictures to and write the general problem. 
  3. Include a copy of the receipt, including your name and phone number.
  4. Only send the unit, which’s defected! Not batteries, cover and charger, unless they are defect. 
  5. Clean the products of all hair, dirt and other debris. Otherwise there’ll will be an additional cleaning fee of 29.00 Euros. 


Information regarding defect Equine LTS unites, for repair. 

The repairs which is covered by the guarantee. Will be preformed and returned free of charge. 

In case the repair, is not covered by the guarantee. You’ll receive a written offer on the repair. 

On receiving of your written consent, the repair will be started. By accepting the offer, you consent to void the buyer's remorse law, since this is a service being rendered, immediately upon receiving your written consent. 

In the case, where no damage, technical problems, water damage and so forth, and/or the written offer of repair has been rejected, a 75.00 Euro service fee, will be due. The free includes receiving, registration, diagnostic and returned shipping cost. 

The repair may take to anywhere from 2-3 weeks. 

Has the defect Equine LTS unit not been cleaned, there will be a added a 50.00 Euro cleaning change. This also includes the units covered by the guarantee.