To see the effect of Equine LTS on ligament injuries, Mette and Anne-Marie from Equine LTS chose to try to find a horse with a recently occurred, severe ligament injury that had not been treated medically.

They chose to use Facebook as a medium to find such a horse. The call gave an overwhelming number of horses with ligament injuries and after long discussions, it was decided to select 2 horses with different backgrounds in the equestrian sport.

The one horse chosen was the jumping horse Captain with Merete as owner. When we chose Merete and Captain for our test with Equine LTS and ligament injuries, we did so on the basis that the horse had not previously been treated medically and that scan images were available. Unfortunately, the damage was of such magnitude that Captain's future as a jumping horse was in serious jeopardy or non-existent. Mette from Equine LTS made an appointment with Merete for start-up.

Equine LTS has purchased a Thermological camera that with infrared can distinguish heat differences and therefore can locate where in the body there is an injury or an imbalance. Captain was inside most of the morning, so as not to enter from the fold affected by the sun's heat. At the same time, he was groomed completely clean, so you got the best starting point to work with.

Pictures were taken of the entire horse, which clearly showed a rather severe ligament injury to the left hind leg. There was a big temperature difference between the healthy hind leg and the leg with the injury. In addition, the thermological images showed a "cold spot" on the right hip as well as a "cold spot" on a large part of the right front leg. "Cold spotted" on the hip, Merete could explain by saying that the horse had crashed on a hunt 2 years earlier. The "cold spot" on the front leg there was no explanation for.

A "cold spot" is a point where blood flow is very low or nonexistent in the tissue. Merete was instructed on how to use LTS. It was agreed that Merete would use LTS on both the ligament injury and on the 2 "cold spots" 2 * 5 minutes per day.

Merete had a prior appointment with the vet for a further scan a week after starting with LTS. The scan showed a clear improvement in the injury and Merete received the happy message that she could begin rehabilitation. The day after the scan, i.e. a week after starting with LTS, Mette returned to take control pictures. The pictures showed a clear progress, not only on the fork ligament injury but also on "cold spots". The degree of heat difference on the fork band injury had decreased from the 1st visit on 20/6 by almost 4 degrees to the next visit on 27/6, where it is only about 1-2 degrees. The "cold spot" on the hip was gone. The "cold spot" on the front legs was almost gone. It was agreed that Merete would continue with LTS on the injury and on the part of the "cold spot" that was only partially gone.

After 1 week, Mette returns for the third time, to again take control pictures. There is almost nothing to see on any of the injuries. There are no longer "cold spots" to be found on Captain. Captain is now in rehab and the test is complete.

Merete has bought an LTS, which she received with a cover with Captain's name embroidered on it, as well as a logowear polo sponsored by our partner, Broderifabrikken, as a thank you for participating in the test. We wish Merete and Captain all the best in the future and look forward to seeing them on the show jumping courses again.

This is the email we received from Merethe when the test period was about to end:


Equine LTS & Captain

On May 15, 2018, Captain is diagnosed with a ligament injury to one of his hind legs. The vet scans him and is very worried about his future. He can't give me any time perspective. The only positive is that it is a fresh injury and it sits at the top of the ligament. We are sent home with the message to pull trip daily for 20 minutes, the next 6 weeks! It felt like all my prayers were heard when Equine LTS chose Captain to be the "test horse" for their LTS pad.

Captain was a little skeptical the first time the pad was to be tried, but already the second time he stood completely still and enjoyed the treatment. The pad is incredibly easy and quick to use. 5 minutes 2 times daily is all it takes! When the first 6 weeks have passed, we are at the check-up at the vet, and get the message I did not dare to hope for.  Marked improvement and allowed to start walks!! At the time of writing, we have been going for 3 weeks without any problems and Captain continues to be treated 2 times daily. I look forward to the next visit to the vet, I am sure to be allowed to start the rehabilitation! Because according to the thermographic pictures that Mette from Equine LTS has taken weekly, there is virtually nothing left of the damage.

Captain and I are deeply grateful.

Merethe Juul.


Updated April 2019. We have received this wonderful video from Merethe, from their unactual jumping training, there is no doubt that they both enjoy jumping.