Jane and Action Scott

As a test horse, the choice fell on the trotting horse and former Derby winner, Action Scott. He was actually completely Abandoned as a racehorse, as the ligament injury he had sustained was quite serious. The veterinarian's assessment was for an injury break of 9-12 months. For a very active racer like Action Scott, it was tantamount to a death sentence. Having him put to sleep had been ordered when Jane happened to come across our Facebook post, to which she responded. We chose Action Scott based on the same parameters as Captain. Action Scott received no medical treatment when we started our test. Mette went to Tarm in Jutland on June 23, 2018 and met a horse who really wasn't feeling well. He was clearly not a happy horse.

LTS was issued with instructions to process 2-3 times daily for 5 minutes duration. Already after 5 days of treatments, Action Scott began to trot around the paddock with pleasure and he noticeably changed character in a positive direction. Jane posted a video of Action on the paddock and here you see a really happy horse happily trotting around the paddock with his ears out.

On 8 July, Mette visits again and takes thermographic pictures of the damage. There is a lot of progress and there is not much left of the injury. The swelling around is halved and he whizzes around the paddock full of energy. Subsequently, the vet has visited and is quite surprised at how well the injury has healed. Action is still being treated with LTS and rehabilitation is expected to begin after the summer holidays.

We hope Action Scott gets back to the start soon and does what he's so great at: winning trotting races. One thing is certain: At his first start, Mette and Anne-Marie will be in the stands cheering him on, so it can be heard all the way to Copenhagen. Good luck Action Scott.

Subsequently, we received this wonderful email from Jane and Rene:

Written by Jane Feltheim

On June 14, 2018, we have a visit from the veterinarian, as Action sustained an injury to the right hind leg in the fold 14 days ago. He thoroughly checks his leg and quickly establishes that it is a very serious ligament injury he has sustained and we should expect 9-12 months of rest before we will be able to train with him again.

All lights go out and we actually manage to book an appointment for slaughter for him, as we estimate it will take too long considering his age before racing will be possible again - and Action has absolutely no mood and hardly walks around the paddock.

I still search a bit online about ligament injuries at the weekend and come across a post on facebook about a new product where test horses are searched and immediately write on the post.

Fortunately, we are SELECTED.... And I arrange the 1st visit with Equine LTS already June 23, 2018, where we will be given an Equine LTS and sign a contract where we will put Action in LED light treatment 2-3 times daily and 5-10 minutes on the right hind leg, as well as on the right front leg so that he does not strain this afterwards.

Already after 5 days of treatment, we experience a marked improvement. Action's mood rises dramatically and he starts running around the paddock again. It is almost unbelievable !!

Mette will come by again for the 2nd visit July 8, 2018, where we can hardly get our arms down, as everything looks really good on the thermographic pictures. The swelling has disappeared by half and Action runs around the fold full of energy!

The vet has been visiting again and was actually quite duped as the swelling and tenderness had subsided so much after only using LTS for only 14 days. We have agreed that Action will be checked again after the summer holidays, as he has now been allowed to enjoy it a little.

XXXXX five stars from here and FOREVER GRATEFUL that it was us who were chosen. Of course, we have subsequently invested in an LTS for Action and our other horses. It's incredibly easy and quick to use.

5-10 minutes 2 times daily is all it takes and Action of course still enjoys its daily treatments :J

Many summer happy greetings




Actions Scott started his first race in Billund on 01/11-18, where he got a distinguished 3rd place, despite a 40m supplement. We then decided to sponsor Stald Feltheim and Action Scott, who with their very own charm, had a very special place in our hearts.

On 07/12-18 Action Scott started in Billund again, this time he won the race superiorly, despite a 20m supplement.

On 14/12-18, Action Scott got a nice 2nd place, after some technical problems at the start, which sent him all the way back into the peloton, he manages to cross the finish line as no. 2.

Action Scott has now retired and is enjoying his retirement in the paddocks around Feltheim's farm.