Equine LTS Hock Wrap  

Instructional Manual  

Red and Infrared light.   

The LTS Hock Wrap are one size only. 

Before starting, please read the user manual thoroughly. 

Notes : Each LED has 3 chips, 1 pcs Red 660nm , 2 pcs infrared 850nm. 

Including in the packaged: Equine LTS Hock Wrap. USB Cable (USB charger NOT included). User Manual. 

1)   Type-C port, to charge the internal battery. Press on/off switch to activate the LTS Hock Wrap and change the modes. 

2)   Use directly on the leg.  

3)   Select options: 

Press the power button once quickly, the power button will turn green, turning all the LEDs on: Perfect for wound healing.   


***LTS Hock Wrap must NOT be used either on or off when the horse is in motion, while riding or on paddock. The warranty will be void! ***  

Press the power button for more than 3 seconds, the power button turns blue: Starting puls mode   


a.  All LEDs on pulse mode: Perfect for arthritis treatment. 

b.  Press again, only the red LEDs in pulse mode: Perfect for ligament treatment. 

c.  Press again, infrared LEDs in pulse mode:  For arthritis and joint injury recovery.  d. Press again, all LEDs turns off. 

4)                                Use the LTS Hock Wrap 1-3 times per day for arthritis and ligament injury recovery, treatment time 10 minutes.

Before and after training, during rehabilitation duration, treatment time 5 minutes. The LTS Hock Wrap will automatically turn OFF after 15 minutes and should not be on for more than 30 minutes, then being allowed to cool down, to maintain the integrity of the LEDs.  

5)                                The build-in rechargeable battery, holds power for up till 60 minutes, in a new condition. Rechargeable batteries will lose capacity when being used, which will reduce that time. Therefore, we recommend having an Equine LTS Power Bank, for the easy fast charging of the internal battery. 

6)                                Unplug the LTS Hock Wrap and store in cool dry area. Do not place anything heavy on top of the LTS Hock Wrap. Do not fold sharply. Do not submerged into water or other liquids. Only use on dry horse legs.  

7)                                Maintenance: For cleaning use a damp towel or toothbrush to slightly clean your device. Make sure the device is unplugged from any power, cords disconnected and turned off. Only clean the fabric portion of the device and not the LED diodes directly. Do not submerge the LTS Hock Wrap in water. Allow the device to air dry and make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight. 

Important and practical information  

•         The LTS Hock Wrap is NOT to be used as a standing hock wrap in the stall. DO NOT use while the horse/pony is in its stall, in such case, the warranty will be null and voided. Always use while the horse/ pony, are in the cross ties and never unattended.  

•         Only apply the LTS Hock Wrap on a dry clean surface.  

•         Do Not wash the LTS Hock Wrap.  

•         Use the carrying bag for storage. Do not fold flat.  

•         Do not stand, lay up on or place heavy objects on top of the LTS Hock Wrap.  

•         Do not twist the LTS Hock Wrap. 

For reclamation contact customerservice@equinelts.com